Welcome the new IGL NA office manager! 

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This fall, join our Hudson, Ohio staff in welcoming our new Manager of Finance and Administration, Scott Pfeiffer! 

After 11 years of serving IGL NA faithfully, Ellen Mabee has decided to leave her position as manager for a new life adventure. While the office staff is sad to see Mabee go, we are also excited to welcome Pfeiffer for this position!

As the new Manager of Finance and Administration, Pfeiffer will oversee the day-to-day operations and finances of the IGL NA office. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Pfeiffer moved to the Hudson area for college and never left. But how did Pfeiffer get involved with IGL in the first place? Read a short interview below to find out more about Pfeiffer!

Scott Pfeiffer

How did you find out about IGL?

Several years ago, a couple of members from my church got involved with IGL and then got the rest of my church on board. They brought forth the opportunity to partner with IGL, and I jumped at the chance.

What’s your Jesus story?

I grew up with some Christian background. But by the time high school came around, I didn’t even believe in God. Then as a freshman in college, a friend started sharing the gospel with me. I had some barriers to God, not believing that he could be real. Over the next few months as my friend answered many of my questions, I began to see that God was in fact real, and I placed my trust in him. 

Since then it’s been an adventure. I’ve been growing in my relationship with Christ, learning what it means to be a follower and disciple of Jesus and taking opportunities to love and serve others when he presents them to me. I currently serve in my church’s high school and college ministries as a teacher, organizer and mentor.

What do you value most about IGL?

I value most that it authentically follows the New Testament model for evangelism and church planting. IGL has its emphasis on the gospel and raising up indigenous leaders and focuses on the priesthood of believers, so that all believers should carry out the Lord’s work. 

Why did you take this job?

I felt that is what God wanted me to do. I was working for a secular company, which was a great company and a great place to work. But the opportunity to work for a ministry and serve God’s Kingdom in that way was too much to turn down.

After earning my bachelor’s in finance from Kent State University, I worked for nearly six years for a financial services company as a client relationship manager. I was clients’ first point of contact, accomplishing their requests and answering any questions they had. I also served as a member of our firm’s Investment Committee, which was responsible for setting our investment strategy.

Since this position entails a lot of numbers, finances and problem solving I have experience from my previous position to bring to the table. And even leadership experience from my church.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

I want IGL NA to operate as efficiently as possible in our support for the India Office. I want our office to be able to raise the funds and handle administrative tasks so that IGL India can spend as much time as possible in the field, sharing the gospel and building God’s Kingdom. Over the next year, we will be incorporating some new technology to run our office more efficiently.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like to go to the gym and also run. It’s a love-hate relationship. I also like to read, mostly Christian books and some Sci-Fi. I also follow basketball and football, even a little hockey.


    1. Craig and Joan McGarvey on October 31, 2018 at 2:36 pm

      Welcome to your position with IGL. Will keep you in prayer as you lead the NA operation.

      In Christ Jesus,
      Craig & Joan McGarvey

      • Scott Pfeiffer on November 1, 2018 at 9:56 am

        Hello Craig & Joan,
        Thank you very much for the warm welcome and your prayers. I am excited to be a part of the team!


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